Words cannot do justice to my feelings, as that huge quality sound rolled round the Troxy last night.
Keith Beckingham sitting behind me said ‘you’ve done it, you have recreated the Trocadero! ‘An event to remember – well done all.


I was completely blown away – haven’t heard that instrument sound with such polish before; just proves that “the most important stop is the room” that lovely auditorium. Hope the team will now have a well-deserved rest!
Robert Tapsfield (via Facebook)


WOW, WOW and thrice WOW….what a magical evening at The Troxy. Magnificent performances from two superb organists on the most beautiful instrument showcased in every way.
The COS put on a show, spectacular in every way. Thanks to everyone…so many to mention, we dare not start for fear of omitting someone. Also so many FB friends….and so little time to meet them……but lovely to meet some “in the flesh” for the first time.
Stephen Austin (via Facebook)

Wonderful event, congratulations to everyone who put the evening together and of course the mighty Wurlitzer.
Richard Moore (via Facebook

What a fantastic job the restorers have done on the Troxy Organ. I expected it would be good, but was taken aback by quite how marvellous it sounded last night. A most enjoyable and memorable evening.

Congratulations on a sparkling opening concert by Richard Hills and Robert Wolfe.

What a fantastic sound, the instrument has a real “wow” factor. The Troxy project has put the “theatre” back in Theatre Organ and what a difference it makes!
Peter Collett (via Facebook)

What can I say?

WOW. What an incredible night. Excellence from start to finish. The COS is quite a formidable team. The venue is superb for the mighty and famous Wurlitzer. The guest stars Robert Wolfe and Richard Hills contrasting fabulously and showing the true tonal colours of this instrument.
Quite overwhelmed and tearful. I am proud to have been a small tiny part of this huge event and occasion.
Peter Yates (via Facebook)

The Troxy bills itself as “home to astonishing events” and last night was certainly one of them! For 47 years I have been attending theatre organ concerts, but so far only two will live on in my memory, Reginald Foort’s famed appearance at the Granada, Tooting in the 1970’s, where the ‘house full’ notice went up and the atmosphere was electric, and yesterday evening.

I think a huge round of congratulations is deserved by all those who have been involved in the Troxy project. Last Saturday’s opening concert was fabulous. Well done everyone!

With so much to enjoy, where to begin!  Everyone present for the opening concert on 22nd August must have been truly impressed by the fabulous sounds filling the large theatre. Also remarkable were the 800+ audience achieved for this event; the lovely art deco interior of the Troxy; the happy faces of those attending and many excited conversations and finally a first-rate souvenir programme.

Only now a few days later have I had a chance to read this programme from cover to cover. Thank you for a splendid comprehensive story of the organ project with appropriate history of the Trocadero, Troxy theatre and the organ and photos.
The last word must be praise for the volunteer group who carried out the colossal task of installing the organ in its new home. We can only wonder at what has been achieved and it is properly described and noted in the souvenir programme.
On behalf of COS members well done to everybody involved
Best wishes Peter Chester